Cuzz sings on the green stage

photo by Al Fox

Philly Cuzz and The Shoobies


Cuzz in Las Vegas

Cuzz and Tommy DeVito

originator, guitarist of the Four Seasons

Billy - and The Essentials - Carlucci

Legendary producer and songwriter John Madara who gave us At The Hop, You Don't Own Me, Rock and Roll Is Here To Stay, Maybe You'll Be There and more.

Two youngest sons - Mike and Eric - have recorded with Cuzz since 1999. Heard singing background on songs like By The Beautiful Sea, One Summer Night, A Beautiful Morning, We Are Americans and more. Mike (left) also fills in on piano , guitar and mandolin.

A Beautiful Morning

Las Vegas  with the Tymes. Cuzz opened for them 2006. In the 70s Philly Cuzz was the keyboard player for the Tymes. Went on tour to the Carolinas and introduced that area to the Tymes song Ms. Grace, a Shag favorite

Patti Lattanzi, Bandstand Bonnie,

Cuzz & Billy Carlucci

more to come

to be posted here - The Philly Cuzz duos, quartet and quintet

SNEAK PEEK - Duos offered

1) pianist and singer

2) pianist and sax / clarinet player

3) two keyboard pianists (singer included)

SNEAK PEEK - quartet combos offered. YOU CHOOSE

1) two keyboard/pianists (male singer included) , female singer, drummer.         


2) one keyboard pianist (male singer included), sax/clarinet  player, female singer, drummer

SNEAK PEEK - quintet offered.

sax/clarinet player, female singer, male singer pianist, keyboard organ player, drummer

We even offer Doo Wop - Philly Cuzz's Doo Wop recordings have been heard each week on Sirius XM's The Doo Wop Stop since XM began. (see Home Page)

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