to be posted here - The Philly Cuzz duos, quartet and quintet

SNEAK PEEK - Duos offered

1) pianist and singer

2) pianist and sax / clarinet player

3) two keyboard pianists (singer included)

SNEAK PEEK - quartet combos offered. YOU CHOOSE

1) two keyboard/pianists (male singer included) , female singer, drummer.         


2) one keyboard pianist (male singer included), sax/clarinet  player, female singer, drummer

SNEAK PEEK - quintet offered.

sax/clarinet player, female singer, male singer pianist, keyboard organ player, drummer

We even offer Doo Wop - Philly Cuzz's Doo Wop recordings have been heard each week on Sirius XM's The Doo Wop Stop since XM began. (see Home Page)

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